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Why we partner with The Movement Paradigm

Why we partner with The Movement Paradigm

Dr. Arianne Missimer, the founder of The Movement Paradigm, provides an integrative approach to health; blending Eastern and Western Medicine, rooted in neuroscience, functional medicine, and movement science. She helps runners move better through stability, strength, mobility, and overall biomechanics.

Team Run Xpress works with Dr. Arianne to gain strength, stability, and improved running mechanics. Dr. Arianne also provides us physical therapy and nutritional counseling services.

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Brock Butler

Coach & co-founder

Brock is an athletic coach and elite competitor who focuses on running events from 1-mile track races up to 100-mile ultramarathons. He won the 40+ masters division at the Philadelphia Marathon in 2017, the Blues Cruise 50K Trail Ultra race the same year, and the USATF Masters 3000m Indoor nationals and Cherry Blossom 10 mile race in 2018.

Brock’s passion is helping athletes of all ages gain satisfaction and confidence by fully expressing their potential as a runner. He started Run Expression, Team Run Xpress, and the Runner’s Toolkit to provide athlete education, coaching services, and a social community in the Philly region.

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