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The Omega Project

The Omega Project

The Omega Project is an amazing destination for runners. Doug Adams and Brianne Scott are both experienced physical therapists and runners who specialize in helping people like us run pain-free. And as I discuss in the third episode of The Runner’s Workshop, they offer 3D Gait Analysis and biomechanics coaching to runners as part of their service. This is an amazing tool for figure out what is causing problems, and it will also help you improve your running form to get faster and more resilient to injury.

Located in Wilmington, Delaware, the Omega Project is a place you must visit if you want to really understand the way you run. The Trace 3D Motion Technology is something only pros typically have access to, and running pros are making the trip to Wilmington to visit Doug and the team.

If you decide to try it, Doug is offering $50 off your first full 3D Gait Analysis if you mention that you are affiliated with Run Xpress.

Contact Information

1806 N Van Buren Street, Suite 100
Wilmington, DE 19802

email: customerservice@omegaprojectpt.com

Phone & Fax: 302-570-7027 (texting available)

web: https://www.omegaprojectpt.com

The Runner’s Workshop Biomechanics Show, featuring the Omega Project

Why we partner with The Movement Paradigm

Why we partner with The Movement Paradigm

Dr. Arianne Missimer, the founder of The Movement Paradigm, provides an integrative approach to health; blending Eastern and Western Medicine, rooted in neuroscience, functional medicine, and movement science. She helps runners move better through stability, strength, mobility, and overall biomechanics.

Team Run Xpress works with Dr. Arianne to gain strength, stability, and improved running mechanics. Dr. Arianne also provides us physical therapy and nutritional counseling services.

rabbit Partnership

rabbit Partnership

Team Run Xpress has partnered with rabbit, a run-specific clothing manufacturer based in California. Both rabbit and Run Xpress believe in the importance of supporting local running communities. And in case you haven’t seen their products before, rabbit makes some of the coolest running gear on the planet. Their clothing is both eye-catching and functional. It is a perfect match for Run Xpress athletes, who will be upgrading their team look this fall.

Here is a mockup of the new team racing kit

Team Xpress will be getting some great gear, knowledge, encouragement, and support from rabbit as we train and race. In return, Team Xpress will be a great brand ambassador for rabbit by doing what we already do: enjoying running and racing together while finding opportunities to enhance our community.

Team gear is available for purchase online in the team shop or by contacting Brock.