December 2010 Indoor Track Results Roundup
GPTC members competed in several indoor meets during the month of December; 12/11: Haverford College Holiday meet - Jen Hawkes   
HJ 5'5"   
GPTC CLUB RECORD...  12/12 Philadelphia Masters T&F meet - Glen Mills; Craig Strimel - 400  1:01.21,  800   2:32.58,  3000  
12:44.69, Judy Dixon - 800   3:18.99,   Mile  7:01.93, Delvin Dinkins  800  2:11.41, Chris Carroll   800  2:43.89,   Mile  5:34.05, Dave Brown  
800  2:10.70, Dave Dixon  800  2:29.16,   Mile  5:21.19,   3000  10:54.55, Johnny King-Marino   800  2:22.16,   Mile   5:12.49,  3000  10:32.38,
Bryant Nix   800  2:29.38,   Mile   5:25.04, Tom Jennings  800   2:48.71,  Mile  6:01.31, Robert Torchia  Mile  5:56.54,   3000 11:11.46, John
Patterson  PV  10'0", Cheryl King Marino  SP  5.90m...  
12/28  Armory Holiday Meet - NYC; John Patterson PV 10'6" Dave Brown  400 54.40,   
800  2:11 Daryl Johnson  400  57.97,  200  25.85 Craig Strimel  400  58.23 Chuck Shields  400 1:01.13 Patrick Detscher  400  1:02.72,  200  

Berra Receives 2010 National Age Group Award from USATF
Greater Philadelphia TC's  Nick Berra was recently named the National Age Group winner by the USATF at their annual meeting in Virginia
Beach.  Berra was named the top track athlete for his many accomplishment in 2010 for Indoor and Outdoor Track.  Berra was undefeated
in the 7 Major Master Races he ran and was part of the 4 x 800 World record (1:57 leg) the GPTC set (8:07).  Nick was nationally ranked
Indoor in the 800 (1st) , 1500 (1st) and Mile (3rd) and Outdoor in the 800 (1st) and 1500 (2nd).  During the year, Berra competed in the
Drake and Penn Relays as well as  winning  gold medals at USATF Nats in 800, 1500, and 4 x 800.  Berra finished 2010 with a #1 ranking
in the 800 (1:56.06). ........Recent Road Race Results by GPTC runners: Andy Shearer ran 36:30 (2nd /40-49) in PNC MS 10k.  John
Goldthorpe ran the Brian's Run 5 Miler in 29:03.....At the Suburban Chamber of Commerce 5k, Colleen Forshee won women race in 19:54.
Also Gene Tung (18:28/ 1st 40-49), Chris Caroll (19:32/3rd in 30-39), John Jennings (21:49/1st in 60-69).......The indoor track season
began with Nick Berra running a 2:00.20 at the Bucknell Indoor race.....

Greater Philadelphia TC Wins the USATF Off Road Series
The Delaware 5k Race served as the last race of the USATF Off Road Series for 2010 and once again the GPTC dominated the field and
piled up the points to win the overall title for 2010.  GPTC scored 372.25 points to add to the previous races to win the overall title with a total
of 2343.97 points over 5 other teams. GPTC athletes who competed were Mary Braverman (22:13), Julie Deery (22:50), Joane Klempner
(23:51), Scott Brockett (19:27), Sean Clark (23:51), Jeff Hayes (19:00), Michael  McGrath (23:20), Steve Sawyer (22:44), Chuck Shields
(19:28).  Julie Deery, Scott Brockett , and Jeff Hayes were winners of their age group.  Greater Philadelphia won the Off Road Title for the
first time in a few years since Rosemont won the series the last few years. The Team Award will be awarded to GPTC at the annual USATF
Lunch in January, 2011  
All results on USATF LDR site  (Click Here).........Also on Thanksgiving, a number of GPTC runners competed in
local races. Paul Hines (33:15) was 4th in 50-59 in the Face To Face 5 Mile Run........Joe Cerniglia (30:16/ 1st Master) and Bryant Nix
(31:35/3rd master) in the Fairmount Park Turkey Trot 5 Mile Run.  

Greater Philadelphia TC Finishes 3rd For the Season in the USATF Road Series.                                                                                     11/26/10
Philadelphia Marathon served as the final race of the season for the USATF Road Series last Sunday.  The Marathon (which also has a
8k and 13.1 mile race) was the 10th race of the series with each team in competition choosing the top 7 scores.  Greater Philly had 14 of
it's member compete in one of the 3 races on the final day of the series.  South Jersey Athletic Club once again won the series with Athena
TC finishing 2nd , followed by the Greater Philadelphia TC.  13 Mid Atlantic USATF teams competed in the Road Series.  Greater
Philadelphia TC runners in the 8k were Peter Churchman (29:01), Kevin Forde (27:45), Chuck Shields (28:55), Kyra McGrath (36:34), Paul
Hines (32:17), Julie Deery (33:23), Bryant Nix (30:14), Sean Harbison (32:49), Chantal Reme (36:03), and Diane McManus (36:30).  GPTC
runners who completed the Marathon were Steve Sawyer (3:42:53), Paul Peters (3:08:52), Rory McManus (4:07:27), and Makund Prabhu
(4:31:45).  The final race of the Off Road Series will be completed this Saturday (Delaware).  GPTC has a commanding lead in the Off Road other races:    Bob Reynolds recently finished the JFK 50 Mile Trail Run. JFK is one of the biggest trail runs in the United States
and Bob finished 3rd in his age (50-54) in a time of 7:30:55 for the 50 miles and good for 53rd place out of 1,000 runners.  For complete
results for the USATF Road , XC and Off Road Series,
Click Here and go to the USATF box on our homepage.

GPTC Maintains 2nd Place After Bridge Run                                                                                                                                                       11/8/10
Greater Philly Runners competed in the Ben Franklin Bridge Run this past weekend and maintained their 2nd place hold on the USATF
Road Standings after the 10k road race..  Top Runners were  John Golthorpe (36:18) and Terry Permar (36:32) with Mary Braverman
(40:32) the top female runner on the club.  Other runners in the BF Bridge Run were  Chuck Shields (37:08), Bryant Nix (40:04), Julie Deery
(42:08), Steve Sawyer (42:32), Rory McManus (49:54), and Diane McManus (59.28)   The last race of the Series is the Philadelphia
Marathon next weekend..........Chantal Reme ran New York Marathon last weekend in a time of 3:34.28.    

Greater Philly TC 2nd in USATF After Rador Run                                                                                                                                                  11/3/10
With the end of the USATF Road Series in sight, GPTC has been improving each race and has now taken over 2nd place in the Mid Atlantic
USATF Road Series.  This is the highest placing GPTC has ever been in the Series this late in the season.  The Radnor 5 mile Run served
as the race for scoring this past weekend and 12 GPTC athletes competed.  Jeff Hayes(28:43/ 7th) was the first finisher for the team and
was followed by John Goldthorp (28:57/ 8th), Chuck Shields (30:31). Bryant Nix(31:47), Bob Torchia (34:35), Steve Sawyer (34:39), and Rory
McManus (40:11).  For the GPTC women, Mary Braverman finished 59th overall with a time of 33:25, followed by Julie Deery (34:22),
Chantal Reme (37:48), Kyra McGrath(38:35), and Diane McManus (48:33).   
Click Here for Handicap Scoring and team standings.  Overall
team results from Radnor were 1) Athena (412.29), 2) South Jersey (408.45), 3) Greater Philadelphia (399. 02),  4)Downingtown (396.04),
5) Bryn Mawr (389.81)........In other racing, GPTC runners competed in the several marathon and road races recently.  Mary Fanelli Lund
was 1st in 50-59 at the RRCA Women Distance Festival in 23:34, Paul Peters ran 3:07.44 in the Baltimore Marathon, Bob Rimkis won the
Run for Africa 5k in 18:21, Dennis O'Conner won the Northeast Philly 5 Miler in 27:02, Jeff Webb (2:59:45) and JB Haglund (3:06:21)
competed in the Marine Corps Marathon......

GPTC Runners Compete at PCL Cross Country Champs                                                                                                                                  10/25/10
Bob Rimkis led the XC team in the Philadelphia Catholic League Open Champs this past weekend at Belmont Plateau. The race is run on
the same 5,000 meter course the high school runners competed on later in the day.  Rimkis time was 17:48, and finished 9th overall in the
race.  Rimkis led all USATF runners (by handicap scoring), by edging Greg Watson (Athena TC) with 81.554 pts to Watson's 80.787.  John
Goldthorp ran 18:10 and Chuck Shields clocked 18:36 for the race.  The PCL Champs was the final race of the USATF XC Series.  The
GPTC team did well with Bob Rimkis (2nd), Chuck Shields (3rd), John Goldthorp (4th), Nick Simonetti (6th), Jeff Hayes (7th ) in the top 10 in
the series.  Mary Fanelli-Lund (7th) and Diane McManus (9th ) finished in the top 10 in the Series for women.  
Click Here for Complete
Results and standings also on the
GPTC Homepage.     ...........Recently, Bill Kampf (3:34.47) and Eileen Kampf (6:08:58) competed in the
Chicago Marathon, while Russ Carstens ran a 3:16.15 in the Steamtown Marathon in upstate Pennsylvania.

Greater Philly TC in 3rd in USATF Road After Delaware 15k                                                                                                                             10/11/10
GPTC had a strong team showing at the Delaware 15k with 14 runners representing the club in the annual race in Wilmington, De.  
Leading the team was James Haglund, who finished 8th overall in 53:49 as he was followed by Bob Rimkis (55:39), Neill Clark (55:57),
Jeff Webb (56:54), Chuck Shields (57:33), Bryant Nix (1:00:37), Robert Torchia (1:05:39), Steve Sawyer (1:06:00), and Rory
McManus(1:15:43) for the men's team.  Mary Braverman led the women's team in 1:03:04, followed by Julie Deery (1:05:26), Chantal Reme
(1:10:59), Kyra McGrath (1:12:29), and Diane McManus (1:31:49).  GPTC scored 401.01 USATF points in the series race to finish 3rd to
South Jersey (412.19) and Pike Creek (403.26).  Overall in the Series, SJAC leads the Series (2012.30) followed by Downingtown
(1975.00) and Greater Phila TC (1972.75).  
Complete Team Standings and Handicap scoring of GPTC on homepage.

Greater Philadelphia Wins Road National Championship                                                                                                                                  10/6/10
After years of trying, GPTC has won it's first National Championship!  The 5k Road Master's Championship was part of the Syracuse
Festival of Races held at Syracuse University. The course was a flat, fast, out and back course with the weather cool and dry.  All of the age
divisions ran together and the pace was fast. Kevin Forde and Ted Trocky both went out quickly with Jeff Hayes holding back to a steady
pace in the first mile. Kevn Forde would race to a GPTC club record of 16:00 and place 5th in the 45-49 age group.  Jeff Hayes moved
steadily through the race to finish in 16:26 (6th in 50-54). Ted Trocky, a new GPTC member who also rows for Malta, held on for 17:04. Then
another pak of GPTC M50 members of Terry Permar, Peter Churchman (new member), and Chuck Shields finished within seconds of each
other to help GPTC defeat the defending Champs Green Mountain AA, Atlanta TC, and Genesee Valley.  Bill Kampf (20:08) and Bill King
(21:49) rounded out 50+team. .....The team won the championship with a cumulative time of 1:26:02, over 2 minutes over Green Mountain
(1:28:28). Also running for the team was Dave Brown (M40-44/17:48) and Bryant Nix (M45-49/18:29).......The 3rd Annual Jack Saint Clair XC
Champs were held at Belmont Plateau this past weekend.  Top finisher for GPTC was Nick Simonetti (5th /37:20) for the 5 mile race with
Peter Heeson placing 8th in 38:45.  Mary Fanelli-Lund was 4th overall for the women in the 6,000 meters in 30:10 and Diane McManus was
6th in 41:22....The Saint Clair Race was the 3rd of the USATF Series Races and will conclude with the Philadelphia Catholic League Open
XC on Oct 23 with a number of GPTC members in contention for awards.......Sarah Simonetti (running for Philadelphia University ) finished
2nd overall in the Paul Short Cross Country Invite (out of 300 college runners) running 22:13 for the 6,000 meter course at Lehigh
University.....Other recent  GPTC races were:...Bob Reynolds was 1st Grand Master (11th overall) in the Blues Cruise Ultra Trail in Reading
with a time of 6:09:48.......Chris Carroll was 2nd in the MCCC Community Day 5k (18:47)......Nick Berra was 5th in 1:16:09 (unofficial) in the
Hershey Half Marathon.....Nick Berra also placed 5th in the Newark Street Mile in a time of 4:42.....Neill Clark (1st M35-39, 17:07) and Terry
Permar (1st M55-59, 17:39) competed in the Parkway 5k in Philadelphia.......Jeff Hayes (2nd in 1:29:16) and Paul Peters (5th in 1:34:04)
competed in the Sloppy Cuckoo Trail Marathon......

Nick Berra Wins 5th Ave Mile 40-49 Race                                                                                                                                                               9/29/10
Nick Berra won the 5th Ave Mile(New York City) 40-49 age recently at his first attempt at the race. Berra's time was 4:22 on the NYC course.
Kevin Forde was leading for much of the race, and finished 4th overall and first in the 45-49 age with a time of 4:27.  This was a great finish
for GPTC as 2 team members won their age categories in the famous road mile race. Other GPTC runners were John Goldthorpe (4:48)
and Wendi Glassman (6:49).......At the Osprey XC Open at Stockton State (NJ), Bob Rimkis ran 21:34/21st for the 6,000 meter, Chuck
Shields(22:02/27th), and Dave Brown (23:06/39th).  The XC race was mostly attended by NCAA D3 XC runners........this weekend, 40 age
and 50s teams will be competing at Masters USATF 5k Road Champs in Syracuse.......Also, the 3rd Annual Jack Saint Clair XC
Championship will be held at Belmont Plateau. The 6,000 (women) and 5 Mile (Men) will be the 3rd race on the USATF XC Circuit. Details

Greater Philly Runners Compete in ING Rock and Roll Half Marathon
Last Sunday brought the annual Fall Half Marathon to Philadelphia with over 18,000 runners competing over the streets of downtown
Philadelphia and around the Schuylill River Loop.  A few GPTC runners took part in the race John Goldthorpe led all GPTC runners with a
time of 1:20:42 for the 13.1 miles.  Other GPTC runners completed the race were Dr Ira Meyers (1:28:21), Bryant Nix (1:29:16), Steve Sawyer
(1:38:58), and Rory McManus (1:48:49).  

Greater Phila TC XC Runners Compete at Chestnut Hill                                                                                                                                        9/14/10
Jeff Hayes competed for the first time this year on the USATF XC Circuit and led the team with a 2nd place finish at the Chestnut Hill XC
Race at the Philadelphia Cricket Club.  Hayes led the team with a time of 16:20 (2nd overall) on the 3 mile course, followed by John
Goldthorp (5th overall/16:35), Bob Rimkis (6th overall/16:41), and Chuck Shields (7th overall /16:49).  Greg Watson (16:09) was the overall
men's winner and Cecily Tynan won the women's race in 18:06.   Bob Rimkis trails Watson by less than a point in the USATF XC Series.
The next race in the Series is the Jack Saint Clair Memorial XC Race at Belmont Plateau on Oct 2nd.  
Handicap Standings for the Series

Greater Philadelphia TC Continues To Dominate USATF Off Road Series                                                                                                        8/25/10
Greater Philadelphia TC once again is placing a lot of their athletes near the front of the pak as they once again placed 4 of the men in the
top 15 overall in the Radnor Red Steeplechase 5k Run.  The race was run at the Radnor Hunt Club with a number of jumps and water pits
in the 5k grass course.  Bob Rimkis (7th/19:21) was the top club finisher, followed closely by Jeff Hayes (8th/19:25) and Chuck
Shields(9th/19:28).  Other men finishers for the club were Scott Brockett (14th/20:09), Nick Simonetti (34th / 22:29), and Michael McGrath
(95th/ 25:53).    The women's team was led by Mary Braverman , who finished in 37th overall in the race (3rd women) in 22:36.  Julie Deery
(57th overall/23:52) and Diane McManus (295th overall /38:10) completed the team.  After the 6th race, Greater Philadelphia has taken a
commanding lead over the other clubs with nearly a 100 point lead over the closest club with only 1 race remaining in the Series (Delaware
on Nov 27th.  
 Click here for Handicap scoring results and overall team /individual standings for the Club.

Forde Wins 1st Philadelphia Track Pentathlon                                                                                                                                                       8/21/10
The 1st Philadelphia Track Pentathlon & Throws Triathlon was held last Sunday at Larry Wilson Stadium and Greater Philadelphia's TC
was represented by many of it's strongest athletes.  Kevin Forde proved to be the strongest athlete in the field as he won the 5 event track
event with 430.02 points.  The "iron athlete" event required each athlete to compete in the 3,000, 1500, 800, 400, and 200 meters with
points awarded by their performance in each event.   The scoring was done in such a way that it enabled men, women and various age
groups to compete on equal footing.  Early on in the events, GPTC Nick Berra and Forde were neck and neck in the standings after the
3,000 and 800 meters but, Berra was forced to withdraw from the competition after pulling up in the 200 meter dash.  
Forde, who plans to run the 5th Ave Mile in Sept, used these 5 events "as a hard workout" in preperation for his fall events.   The incredible 5
event performance was highlighted by his time of 9:07.18, which established a new club record.  Forde other times were 2:07.18 (800),
27.35 (200), 4:19.08 (1500) and 57.81 (400).   Other athletes from GPTC were Bryant Nix (380.64/ 9th), Paul Peters (341.14 /22nd), Bill King
(339.46/23rd),Mark Onwuji (298.55/28th),  Diane McManus 295.43/ 31st), Nick Berra (171.08/35th), and Eugene Tung 78.69/36th).  Lorraine
Jasper (416.58) finished 2nd overall and Peter Churchman (408.24) was 3rd overall in the Pentathlon Track event. .......The meet also had a
Throws Triathlon (Javelin, Shot Put, Discus) taking place at the same time as the Track Pentathlon. 24 Throwers were involved in the same
point performance system awarded to each event.   The overall winner was Bill McNelis, 58, who won the overall event with 181.70 pts.
McNellis threw 44.92 (Jav), 10.17 (shot), and 53.51 in the discus.  Michael Fortunato was 2nd and Warren Taylor 3rd.   The event was co
produced by Greater Philadelphia TC, Philadelphia Athletic Charities , and Kyle Mecklenborg, with the proceeds raised ear marked to
Project Belmont Plateau.  For Complete results , go to
Fast Cat Sports.        Click Here for GPTC Pics at the Event

1st Annual Philadelphia Track Pentathlon & Throws Triathlon Set for This Weekend                                                                                   8/4/10
Greater Philadelphia TC will join up with local sports producers, Philadelphia Athletic Charities Inc and Kyle Mecklenborg to produce the
Philadelphia Track Pentathlon and Throws Triathlon.  The event will be held this Sunday, August 15, at Larry Wilson Stadium (Gwynedd
Mercy Academy) with the first events kicking off at 8am.  The unique style competition will include a track pentathlon, where each athlete will
compete in the 200, 400, 800, 1500 and 3000 meters.  The throwers will compete in the shot, discus, and javelin.  The scoring for each
athlete will enable all sexes and ages compete for overall titles.  GPTC will provide the volunteers needed to put on the 5 hour event and the
club will also have a number of it's track runners (Nick Berra and Kevin Forde) competing head to head in the 5 events.........
Recent results
of GPTC athletes
.....Keystone Games, York , Pa (7/25)- Delvin Dinkins (2:21.95) in 800........She Rox Triathlon (Phila), Aug 1- Julie Deery
(1:22.24/2nd in age).........Run For Hill of It (Phila)....Jeff Hayes (28:37/1st in age),  Ira Meyers (31:00/2nd in age), Paul Peters (32:44), Bob
Torchia (33:35/1st in age), and Paul Hines (32:44/3rd in age)....

Rimkis 2nd in  USATF Cross Country Series After Race #1                                                                                                                                    8/4/10
The first race (West Chester) of the Mid Atlantic USATF Cross Country Series kicked off this week at the Westtown School 5k course.  A
number of GPTC athletes toed the line on a hot muggy night with over 100 runners.  The race was won by Darryl Brown (15:59) and
Lorraine Jasper (19:25).  Bob Rimkis,49, of GPTC finished 17th overall in  a time of 17:27 and scored 83.85 points. After race #1, Greg
Watson of Athena TC holds a slim lead over Rimkis in the 4 race series.   Other runners for GPTC were Chuck Shields (18:16), Nick
Simonetti (21:20), Michael McGrath (21:24), Bill Kampf (21:32), Dave Thomas (22;05), Steve Sawyer (22:08), and Jack Comiskey (23:07).     
Click Here for XC Series Standings

More Records Fall at USA National Master Track Championship                                                                                                                      7/27/10
The final days of the USA National Master Track Championships saw 5 more club records fall with a new American age group record set by
a Greater Philadelphia Track Club athlete.   Cheryl Bellaire continues to improve as she gets older. The versatile GPTC runner set an
American record (50-55 age) in the 2000 meter steeplechase (and crushed her club record by 17 seconds) by picking up a gold with a time
of 8:14:35.  Cheryl came back and added to her gold by winning another National Championship in the 400 meter and winning with a new
club record of 1:06.77.   Bellaire topped off a splendid meet by returning the following day and finishing 2nd in the 800 (W50-54) with a time
of 2:26.30......Greater Philadelphia athletes won 3 more National championships with Bob Rimkis lowering his own club mark and winning
the 3000 meter Steeplechase (M45-49) in a time of 11:14.24.  Nick Berra was the other double National Champion as he continues to
dominate his age group and won the 800 meter (M40-44) with a tremendous final 200 meter kick and set a new club record of 1:56.06.  
Berra added to his gold collection as he set the pace the entire 1500 meters and won in a new club record of 4:04:34.  Kevin Forde picked
up a silver medal (M45) by running a strong time of 4:14.44 for the 1500 meters...........Other club athletes who competed in the 1500 meters
were Joel Hoffsmith (4:58.96/ M55), Chuck Shields (4:33.48/ 5th in M50), Mark Carver (4:36.64/7th  in M50), and Sean Harbison
(4:43.82/M50).........In the men's 800, GPTC had 3 runners in the final with Kevin Forde putting on a tremendous kick in the final 250 meters
but fell short to the 5,000 meter champ Mike Blackmore, and finished 2nd with a time of 2:02.40.  Other GPTC 800 meter performances
were by Chuck Shields (2:11.53/5th), Mark Carver (2:11.59),  and Sean Harbison (2:11.53).....On the final day of the Nationa Champs, GPTC
M50 put together a 4 x 800 relay with Joel Hoffsmith, Sean Harbison, Mark Carver, and Chuck Shields and won the final Gold Medal for the
club with a time of 9:19.82.......Kevin Forde and Nick Berra teamed up with the other club members (Francis Brudett and Tom Fitzpatrick)
and formed a ad hoc in the M40  and won a gold medal with a time of 8:57.87........Overall, the Greater Philadelphia Track Club came in 15th
overall (out of 131 Clubs) with a final point scoring of 77 points.  National Club power, Southern Cal TC won the National Club
Championship with 752 points.

Forde Wins Bronze, Sets New CR at USATF Master Nationals    (Day 1)                                                                                                         7/23/10
Kevin Forde became the first member of the GPTC to win a medal at the USATF Master National Track Champs by placing 3rd in the 5,000
meter(M40-44) and breaking his own club record in a time of 15:36.81.  Mike Blackmore won the race in a time of 15:27.44.
   The Nationals
are taking place in Sacramento, California this year.  In the semi finals....Mark Carver (2:11.98), Sean Harbison (2:13.58), and Chuck
Shields (2:13.84) advanced in the 50-54 yr old 800 meter (3 of the 8 finalist are GPTC members).....Nick Berra advanced to the 800 final in
the 40-44 yr olds with a time of 2:03.18.  ... Cheryl Bellaire advanced in the W50-54 400 meter with a time of 68:60....... In the M50-54
Pentathon, Mark Carver placed 5th with 2743 points (LJ / 14' 10.5", JV/112' 9", 200 meter/28.08, Dis/80' 2", and 1500 meters/4:54.08)....Ray
Parker was scheduled to compete this weekend, but was unable to compete due to the passing of his mother after a long illness. Ray and
his family are in our
Forshee Wins Down and Dirty Mud Run                                                                                                                                                                  7/18/10
Over 1700 runners competed in the Down and Dirty Mud 10k at Belmont Plateau on Sunday. The race was a 10k on the trails with a mix of
barrier and mud obstacles on the course. Colleen Forshee, 46, was the overall female winner with a time of 46:07 (16th overall ).....Other
recent GPTC results:  John Patterson ran 63.04 (400) and long jumped (14' 3") at the USATF East Region.....Cheryl Bellaire (2:39.5/ 800
meter and 31:06/ 200 meters) and Joel Hoffsmith (2:28/800 meter) competed in the TNT All Comers......Neill Clark (2:07) , Chuck Shields
(2:16), and Joe Cerniglia (2;18) competed in the 800 meter at the Stockton Community Meet......Julie Deery was 2nd in 3:28:45 (22 second
out of 1st) at Draper Duathlon in Oklahoma City.....Alison Sucking has competed in some Triathlons recently (Cascade Lakes Sprint
-1:30:54/1st in age), Celebration Sprint -1:49:25/2nd in age), Diamond in Rough Olympic Tri (2:23:36- 1st in age).......GPTC runners going
to Sacramento, CA for Masters Track Champs are - Wendi Glassman, Cheryl Bellaire, Chuck Shields, Joel Hoffsmith, Bob Rimkis, Mark
Carver, Sean Harbison, Joe Cerniglia, Kevin Forde, and Nick Berra.....Good luck athletes.....

GPTC Opens Up Lead in USATF Off Road Series as Braverman is Overall Champ                                                                                    6/30/10
Greater Philadelphia TC continues to dominate the USATF Off Road Circuit in 2010.  The club scored 330.27 points (based on total of top 5
runners from handicap scoring) in the Double Trouble 15k. The total was 28 points more than 2nd place Pike Creek.  The men placed 3
runners in the top 10 of the race (out of 250 total runners) with Bob Rimkis (6th/1:07:24), Jeff Hayes (7th /1:08:06), and Scott Brockett
(9th/1:10:57).  Mary Braverman, running her first trail race of her career, was the overall champion in the women's race as she ran the 15k
trail race in 1:16:48.(new club course record). Sarah Simonetti was the 4th overall women's finisher and covered the 15k in 1:19:41 and
Julie Deery finished in 1:22:03.  Other finishers in the extremely tough trail race around French Creek Park were Nick Siomonetti (1:20:06)
and Michael McGrath (1:38:34), Alyson Freeman(1:54:54).   The club celebrated it's 7th year anniversary with a picnic following the race.  
Click here for Overall USATF  standings

Club Records Set at Recent Track Meets                                                                                                                                                             6/30 /10
3 Club records were recently set for track and field in some local meets.  Bob Rimkis established a club record for the 3,000 meter
steeplechase with a time of 11:25.51. At the same meet , Nick Damalas set a master club record by jumping 42' 1.5" in the triple jump. At
the same meet, Wendi Glassman doubled with times of 35.26 (200 meter) and 2:50.94 (800 meters).    At the Ambler Olympic Club
Summer meet, Cheryl Bellaire broke a club record in the 400 meters with a time of 1:07.5.  Wendi Glassman ran 1:14.5.   In the 3,000,
Gene Tung ran 10:10.2.  In the mile, Neil Clark (4:45.4) and Chris Carroll (5:22.1) competed.  In the 800 meter, Dave Brown (2:06.7), TJ
McDonough (2:17), Chris Carroll (2:27.1), Neil Clark (2:12.2), Cheryl Bellaire (2:37.2).  Nick Damalas jumped 40' 10.25" in the TJ.

O'Connor Sets Club Record at Media 5 Mile Road Race                                                                                                                                     6/23/10
Dennis O'Connor set a club record (open) for the 5 mile Road, by placing 7th overall(26:58) in the recently run Media 5 Mile Run. The
course is run on a fairly difficult 2.5 mile loop around the streets of Media.  Russ Cartens also ran the 5 Miler and finished in a time of
34:02.....In other races around the Philly area, Chris Carroll ran 18:44 at the Ambler YMCA 5k..........Neill Clark (17:54) and Russ Carstens
(20:06) competed May 30 in the Teal Ribbon 5k, the West Chester Henderson All Comers Meet on June 16, 800 Meters (Bob
McGinty/2:03.45, Sean Harbison/2:22.11, and Cheryl Bellaire/ 2:33.85.  In the mile (Kevin Forde/4:33.14, Chuck Shields/ 5:07:61, Joe
Cerniglia/5:09.96, Sean Harbison/ 5:29.91, and Cheryl Bellaire/ 5:50.70.  Bob Rimkis ran 10:13.11 in the 3,000 the USATF NJ
Champs, Chuck Shields ran 2:17.94 and Wendi Glassman, 2:48.77 in the 800 meters......Diane McManus competed in the Delaware
County Senior Games on June 18 and won gold in 200, 400, 800 walk, mile walk,  and the 4 x 100 relay......West Chester Track Race
Series: Bob Rimkis (17:39) and Chuck Shields (18:39) competed in the 5,000......In the NYC Track Series: Kevin Forde ran 2:03.7 in the
800......and Bryant Nix ran 18:59 in the Gary Pappa 5k last Sunday on MLK up for GPTC is Double Trouble 15K(
Sunday/June 27) at French Creek Park State Park followed by a club picnic celebrating our official 7th year as a Track Club.....

McGinty Wins Perks Main Street Mile                                                                                                                                                                      6/15/10
Bob McGinty competed in the Perks Main Street Mile recently and blazed the street mile in 4:15 to win the race. Other GPTC athletes who
competed were Chuck Shields (4:51) and Cheryl Bellaire (5:34)......This past weekend was the Mid Atlantic USATF Outdoor Champs held at
Widener University.  Nick Damalas triple jumped 42'1" and Bob Rimkis ran a 11:25.51 for the Steeplechase.......At the NYRRC Night Races,
Kevin Forde ran 4:12 (1500) and Bob McGinty ran a 2:03.6 (800).....On the road recently, GPTC was represented at the Midsummer Nights
5k Run in Wynwood.  Mary Braverman (1st in 40-49) ran 19:41, Russ Carstens (20:06), and Mike McGrath (20:11) all competed well for the team run will be at the Double Trouble 15k Off Road Race on June 27 at French Creek Park.

GPTC Maintains 1st Place in USATF Off Road Series                                                                                                                                           6/8/10
The Greater Philadelphia Track Club continued it's dominance on the Trails last Saturday in the Wissahickon 10k Trail Race.   Bob Rimkis
led the way by running 41:50 on the trails of Valley Green and finishing 10th overall in the race.  Jeff Hayes (16th overall) followed with a
time of 43:45, Scott Brockett (44:44/20th), Sarah Simonetti (49:17/46th), and Joanne Klemper (55:05/99th).  The team scored a total of
328.07 points to lead all the other clubs for the race and opened up more of an overall team lead in the standings.  
Race Team Results: 1) GPTC: 328.07     2) Pike Creek : 319.55      3) Wissakickon  306.98   4) Rosemont  286.63   5) Pineland: 281.07
Updated Team /Individual Team Standings     .........   Other GPTC news: At the Pa. Distance Festival, Kevin Forde came in 3rd in a time of
15:59.92. In the mile/800 , good performances doubles for Neill Clark (4:51.10/2:09.58), Chuck Shields (5:12.50/2:18.66), and Sean
Harbison (5:27.79/2:22.70). Joe Cerniglia ran 10:33.33 in the 3000 meters........ At the Rustin 5k in West Chester, Delvin Dinkins finished
2nd overall in 19:39.  

GPTC Moves Up to 4th in USATF Road Series                                                                                                                                                         6/6/10
After the Moorestown 8k Run this past weekend, GPTC finds itself moving up to 4th place out of 12 Clubs in the USATF Road Series. GPTC
scored 396.60 points from the handicap scoring for 3rd place club in the 8k race.  The top runner for the team was Terry Permar, who ran
29:39.  The other 4 scorers for the team were Mary Braverman (32:18), Ira Meyers (31:04), Robert Torchia (34:14), and Steve Sawyer
(34:20).  Other runners for GPTC were Kyra McGrath (38:47), Bryant Nix (32:31), Bill Kampf (34:47), Russ Carstens (33:26), Michael
McGrath (34:56), Reme Chantal (38:21), Rory McManus (39:42), Diane McManus (51:50).   The top 3 teams scoring were South Jersey
(4:03.96), Moorestown DRP (398:34), and Greater Philadelphia TC (3:96.60).  The next race on road series is in October at Delaware
Distance Classic.  
Standings and Handicap scores

McGinty Wins Coopersburg 5k Road                                                                                                                                                                        6/1/10
Bob McGinty had no problem last Saturday as he won by over 3 minutes over the field in the Coopersburg 5k Road Race. McGinty ran a
16:39 for the 5k course......Earlier in the month of May, Marita McCormick took 3rd place in the 25-29 age group by running 3:33:30 in the
Delaware Marathon......On Memorial Day, Bryant Nix placed 12th in the Lansdowne Memorial 5k with a time of 19:07.....Dave Brown
(4th/4:58) and Chuck Shields (6th/5:25) competed in the Ridgewood Memorial Master Road Mile......Nick Damalas Triple Jumped 40'8"
recently at an all comers meet at Widener University.

Bellaire Wins Millersville Street Mile in Club Record Time                                                                                                                                 5/25/10
This past weekend, Cheryl Bellaire was the overall winner in the Millersville Street Mile in a time of 5:34.  Bellaire, a master aged runner
smashed her previous club record set last year at the same race.  In the same race, Dave Brown won the Master Division in 4:45, while
Chuck Shields was 4th overall in the Masters Race (1st M50) in 5:04 for the mile race.   Neill Clark competed in the Open Division and
finished 3rd overall in a time of 4:44......In other recent races, Bob McGinty competed in the 3,000 at the NYRR Speed Series at Icahn
Stadium.  McGinty ran a 9:28 for the 3,000 track race.  

O'Connor Sets Club Record for Road 10k                                                                                                                                                              5/17/10
At the Kennett Run 10k this past weekend, Dennis O'Connor established a new open record for the Road 10k by blazing across the finish
line in a time of 32:58.  O'Connor recently broke the 10 mile Road Club record at the Broad Street Run.  The winner of the Kennett 10k was
Macharia Yout in 31:25......The other big weekend race was the Philadelphia Bar Charity 5k on MLK Drive in Philadelphia.  Neil Clark ( top
lawyer) was 4th overall in a time of 16:47. Other GPTC runners in the race were Chris Carroll (18:52), Russ Carstens (19:07) , and Steve
Sawyer (19:44).

Club Records Fall at Swarthmore Last Chance Meet                                                                                                                                           5/12/10
Two GPTC track & field records fell recently at the Swarthmore Last Chance Meet.  The meet is known for having a deep college field as
well as some top elite and open athletes.  Kevin Forde shaved a second off his month old 5,000 meter record by running a 15:56.58.
Recent Haverford graduate, Chaz Thomas competed in the long jump and broke his club record with a 24' 1.75" leap.........In other club
news: Chantal Reme and Bryant Nix competed in the Race for the Cure. Chantal ran 23:01 (2nd F 20-29) while Bryant won the master div in
19:02.  .......Cheryl Bellaire ran in the Run Like A Mother 5k and came in 8th place in the all women field (20:37)....... Julie Deery has been on
a team recently.  Deery ran in the Ice Age 50k Trail (Wisconsin) and was 3rd Women overall in 4:47:13. Julie also was part of the winning
master women team in Broad Street and has previously ran the Triple Crown trail run and ran all 3 races in one day.  Julie ran the Half
Marathon(1:58.59/1st 40-49), 10k (48:29 /40-49 1st ) and the 5k (25:31/ 1st overall). She finished 2nd overall (33 points) in the Trail Triple
Crown........With all the races combined, Julie raced a total of 63 miles in 3 weeks.  
The GPTC summer Track Schedule is out ...Click Here

Greater Philadelphia Receives Good News From Broad Street Race                                                                                                               5/8/10
Road Captain Michael McGrath announced that there has been and official update in the Women Masters Team Championship for the
Broad Street Run.  GPTC has been awarded 1st Place team after it was confirmed that the Del Val Running Co had and ineligible runner
on their team and thus was moved to the open division.  The Team of Mary Braverman, Colleen Forshee, Julie Deery , Chantal Reme, and
Allison Suckling was determined to be the 2010 Champions......In other good news, GPTC has moved up a place in the team standings
after the discovery of Terry Permar (85.06) connection to Greater Philadelphia. Permar, 55, was the winner of the 55-59 age group with a
time of 1:01:50.   With the addition of Permar to the point standings, GPTC was able to move past Pike Creek Valley for 5th team on the
Road Grand Prix standings.

Greater Philadelphia TC Moves Up to 6th in Grand Prix Series After Broad Street Run                                                                              5/5/10
Over 25,000 runners braved hot, humid weather to finish the 31st Annual Broad Street Run last Sunday.  The 10 Mile race was the 4th on
the USATF Road Grand Prix and GPTC had 24 runners finish road race.  Dennis O'Connor, was the club's top runner with a time of 54:22.
O'Connor, finished 23rd overall in the race and broke the 4 year old  club record of Steve Metraux (55:09).  The other 4 runners to score for
the club were Mary Braverman (1:08:05), Colleen Forshee (1:09.47), Paul Hines (1:09:52), and Ira Meyers (1:06.31).  The team scored
389.04 points (the 4th highest point total out of 9 scoring clubs) and helped the GPTC move up 1 place in the team standings in the USATF
Road Standings (
Complete Standings and Individual Handicap Scores)
Other finishers for GPTC at Broad Street were:  Julie Deery (1:10:58), Robert Torchia (1:13:41), Christopher Flint (1:02:43), Neill Clark
(1:03:28), Bill Kampf (1:11::37), Bryant Nix (1:07:42), Russ Carstens (1:08:40), Michael McGrath (1:11:58), Alison Suckling (1:24.54), Sarah
Simonetti (1:12:25), Joanne Klemper (1:13:59), Steve Sawyer (1:19:35), Chantal Reme (1:19:05), Rory McManus (1:23:04), Nick Simonetti
(1:16:56), Marita McCormick (1:16:04), Bill King (1:25:55), Mary Pat McFarland (1:38:01), Diane McManus (1:56:26).
The GPTC Master Women team (Braverman, Forshee, Deery, Reme, Suckling) has been listed as 2nd overall in the Broad St Run team
results for the category, but should move up and be awarded the Champions of the  Master Women. . Road Captain, Michael McGrath is
filing a protest since the 1st place team listed (Del Val Running Co Divas) has a runner on the team under 40 years old. McGrath feels he
will be successful in the team moving up to 1st place.  The Master Men team of (Permar, Nix , Hines, Kampf, Torchia) placed 5th in the
Master Men Team Championship for Broad Street.  The next race on the Series is the Moorestown 8k on June 5th (Along with the
Wissahickon 10k Trail Run).  

4 x 400 Relay Team Breaks Club Record at Penn Relays                                                                                                                                     4/27/10
Saturday at the Penn Relays was full to the rafters with a record crowd of over 54,000 fans (mostly there to see Usain Bolt) present at
Franklin Field.  The crowd was delighted earlier by seeing Bolt run a 8.79 100 meter leg on the winning Jamaican relay, but those who
stayed the whole day saw the Greater Philadelphia TC break a club relay (3.36.59) while finishing 3rd to Southwest Sprinters (3:27.14).  
Scott Landis led off with a 55.2 leg and kept the team close (5th) to hand the baton to Ray Parker . Parker (55.1) ran a good leg and handed
off to Dave Brown in a rough exchange. Brown (53.9) moved the GPTC into 3rd with Nick Berra taking it home with a 52.2 split to break the
year old club record (3:38.93- Parker, Landis, Johnson, Forde).  On Friday, GPTC had some relays and some individuals competing. GPTC
had a men's team in the 4 x 400 (50+) relay. The team finished 5th in a 14 team field with the over 50 team of Chuck Shields (61), Jim
Anderson (63.3), Mark Carver (58.4) and Patrick Detscher (62.2) having a strong performance. The winning team was Sprint Force in a time
of 3:38.8.   The GPTC also had a Men's team in the Olympic Development 4 x 400 with the team of Timothy McDonough, Delvin Dinkins,
Daryl Johnson, and Dennis O'Connor placing 18th in a time of 3:44.63.  3 GPTC women(Alison Suckling, Wendy Glassman, Cheryl
Bellaire) were on an add hoc team with the Athena club running a time of 4:43.92 finishing 3rd place.   Daryl Johnson placed 6th in the 45M
100 meter dash  (time ?).  On Friday, Nick Berra competed in the rain at the  Drake Relays. Berra was 2nd to leader David Nash at the 400
(61.5) and was able to outkick Nash in the final 100 to win in a time of 1:59.34 to win the Master 800 Meter event over a field of 22
runners....This upcoming weekend will be the Broad Street Run with many GPTC athletes competing in the 31st running of the annual 10
mile road race.

Greater Philly TC Finishes 7th Out of 11 USATF teams at Valley Forge Revolution Run                                                                                4/20/10
The 3rd leg of the USATF Road Series was held this past weekend with the Valley Forge Revolution Run held. The 5 mile race held on the
grounds of Valley Forge Park had over 1000 runners.  Dr Ira Meyers was the GPTC first finisher with a time of 30:43.  Other men for the
team were Bryant Nix (32:50), Russ Cartsens (33:29), Bill Kampf (33:51), Mike McGrath (34:00), and Rory McManus (39:22).  The top
women for GPTC was Julie Deery (34:12), followed by Kyra McGrath (39:36), Diane McManus (51:18), and Eileen Kampf (59:29).  The team
finished 7th overall to Athena, Runaway, Downingtown, Bryn Mawr, Pike Creek and South Jersey with 372.73 points.  Athena won the race
with 410.77 points.  Other teams who completed teams were Rosemont, TNT Racing, Pineland, and Moorsestown.  The next race in the
Series will be the Broad Street Run on May 2.  Individual Handicap scoring and Team Standings after 3 races on
GPTC Homepage.
Other Race Results:  Four members of GPTC travelled to Boston this weekend to compete in the Boston Marathon.  Top GPTC finisher was
Chris Flint in a time of 2:54:33, followed by Paul Hines (3:30:08), Steve Sawyer (4:03:15), and Sue Harbison (4:20:50)......Dave Thomas won
the 50-59 age group at the Penn Relays in their 5k Road Race which opened up the Penn Relays.

Forde Establishes 10,000 Meter Club Record at Widener                                                                                                                                 4/18/10
Kevin Forde added another club record to his resume as he established a new club record (34.44.36) in the 10,000 meters at the Widener
Invite over the weekend.  With the 10,000 meter record, Forde now holds club records in the 1500, 3,000, 2 mile, 5,000 on the track as well
as a record holder on 3 relay teams (4x 400, 4x 800, and Dist Med).  Other Track Results- Also over the weekend Cheryl Bellaire ran a
2:40.16 at Widener and Nick Berra ran 1:58.50 at the NY Relays at Icahn Stadium.  GPTC will have a number of relays at the Penn Relays
this week at Franklin Field.

Greater Philly "Old Timers" Win Awards on the Road and Trails                                                                                                                    4/14/10
Two over 50 year old athletes of Greater Philadelphia TC recently won awards in races outside the Philadelphia area.  Bob Reynolds, 52,
competed in the Bull Run 50 Mile Trail Run recently. The race is touted as one of the most competitive 50 mile trail runs in the US.
Reynolds finished 21st (7 hours and 55 minutes) out of 350 and was the winner of the 50+ age group.  Bob also won award for the
bloodiest athlete from the 3 downhill tumbles he took on the trail.    The other 50+ athletes who won an age group award was Allison
Suckling, who was 3rd in the Cherry Blossom 10 miler in Washington, DC.  Suckling was 3rd in her age group (103rd overall) and ran a
1:09.29 for the 10 mile road race.

Forde Breaks Club Record in 5,000 Meters                                                                                                                                                          4/5/10
Kevin Forde, running primarily against college competition at the Penn Invitational ran a 15:57.74 this past weekend. The meet was held at
Franklin Field under sunny skies. Forde broke Larry Levy's club record of 16:29.7 which he held for nearly 3 years.  

O'Conner Wins Tyler Trail Run, GPTC Leads the Off Road Series After 2 Events                                                                                       4/1/10
Dennis O'Conner,23, GPTC newest member won the Tyler 10k Trail Run last weekend in a time of 36:37 (new club record). O'Conner of
Philadelphia led a strong team showing as GPTC put 4 runners in the top 10 overall and Julie Deery added to the strong club score by
winning the female master race with a time of 47:49.  Jeff Hayes continues to dominate the over 50 age group by winning the age (6th
overall) in a time of 40:24.  Trail runners Scott Brockett (40:54/9th overall) and Jay Miers (41:02/10th overall) completed the top 5 for the club
in the handicap team scoring.  The club was also supported in the trail run by performances by Mary Pat McFarland (53:38), Marita
McCormick (51:35) and Joanne Klempner (48:13).  The team's handicap scoring dominated the other USATF clubs as GPTC was 20
points higher than any other club in the scoring.  Club Scoring for Tyler:  
1) GPTC: 366.146   2) Pike Creek: 346.16   3) Rosemont: 345.96
4) Wissahickon: 338.45      5) Pineland: 305.75.      
Up to date team and individual scores

Bellaire and Berra Win National Championship Titles at Master National Indoors                                                                                    3/29/10
The National Master Indoor Championships were held over the weekend at the Reggie Lewis Arena in Boston, Ma. , with two Greater
Philadelphia TC athletes coming home with National titles.  Cheryl Bellaire set a new club record in winning the W50 800 title with a time of
2:33.19 and also took a silver in the W50 200 (30.56). Bellaire added to her national titles by winning the W50 Mile in a time of 5:48.38. Nick
Berra also broke a GPTC record while winning the National title in the M40 800 meters with a time of 1:56.26.  A great showing by both!
Many other strong performances from GPTC athletes in Boston.  Kevin Forde broke the club record in the 3000 meter as he took a silver
medal in the M45 in a time of 9:11.42.  Forde also came back in the mile (4:38.16/3rd) and 2:04.21(3rd) in the 800 meter.  Joanie McMullin
won a silver in the W60 3000 meter (14:16), Alison Suckling(W50) ran 6:04.50 (mile) , Bob McGinty (M40) was 4th in the mile (4:29.22), Joe
Cerniglia (M40) was 10th in 5:00.78.  Ray Parker was another GPTC who ran multiple events as he ran a 25.37 (M45 200 meter), 55.18
(M45-4th place).  Scott Landis won a silver (M45) in the 800 meters in a time of 2:02.95 while Bob McGinty double up and came away with a
bronze in the M40 800 (2:00.62).  Chuck Shields ran 2:17.29 in the M50  800 meter.    Other club performances: Daryl Johnson (26.04/200
meter), Wendi Glassman (W50- 3rd) ran 1:15.44 in the 400 meter and 2:50.67 (800 meter), Alison Suckling (2:44.09).  Cheryl Bellaire was
also part of a adhoc 4 x 800 relay team which broke the world record (W50) in a time of 10:43.50.   Cheryl was also part of a adhoc team
with Alison Suckling (W50) who just missed the world record in the 4 x 400 in a time of 4:43.38.     Greater Philadelphia Track Club finished
the championship with 75 points.  

GPTC Opens Up the USATF Grand Prix Road Series With A Strong Showing                                                                                               3/23/10
The USATF Grand Prix Road Series opened up this past weekend with an unusual double race challenge. The first 2 races on the Series
(Adrenaline 5k and Ceasar Rodney Half Marathon) fell on the same weekend with the 5k on Saturday and Half Marathon on Sunday.
Because of this unusual double, the USATF changed the team scoring for this year by counting the 2 races as 1 score enabling the teams
to have the top 5 overall handicap scores from either race counting in the overall team score for the Series.   A few hearty GPTC athletes
took on this unusual race schedule as a challenge and ran both races !  The Adrenaline 5k , was held on Saturday and the competitors
were Jeff Hayes (17:20), Mary Braverman (19:18), Colleen Forshee (20:22), Bryant Nix (18:15), Steve Sawyer (20:24), Michael McGrath
(20:10), Russ Cartens (19:51), Chantal Reme (22:46), Rory McManus (23:42), and Diane McManus (29:28).  The next day was the 44th
running of the Ceasar Rodney Half Marathon in Wilmington, De.  The GPTC team was led by Chris Flint (1:20:09), Paul Hines (1:31:09),
Julie Deery (1:36:49),Rory McManus (1:51:26), Steve Sawyer (1:42:15), Kyra McGrath (1:53), and Michael McGrath (1:36:02).  Great job to the
Double Racers from GPTC (Road Captain Michael McGrath, Rory McManus, Steve Sawyer) who took on the challenge and ran both races
over the weekend.  The team scored a total of 403.43 points and opened up the Road Season in 7th place out of a total of 11 teams. The
next Race on the Series is the Valley Forge 5 Miler in April.
Click for  Individual club handicap  and team Standings

Forde Sets New Club Record in 2 Mile                                                                                                                                                                      3/20/10
Kevin Forde broke the club record for the 2 Mile at the Armory this past Friday at the Front Runners Indoor meet at the Armory, NYC.  The
time of 10:05.58 broke the 2 year old record of Chuck Shields set in the Armory in 2007.  In other track news: Alison Suckling recently ran a
2:54.69 (800) and 73.20 in the 400 at the USATF East Region Master Champs in Landover, Md.  Wendi Glassman competed in the
Momouth Meet in NJ and ran a 2:48 in the 800 meters.  
In Other Weekend Results: Bob Reynolds,52, competed in the 22nd Annual HAT
50k Trail run and finished 7th out of 422 athletes in a time of 4:35:00!  The Maryland trail race is very hilly with a reported elevation change of
9,800 feet.  Results on  

Two GPTC Track Records Set over Weekend Track Championships                                                                                                                3/8/10
The indoor track season is winding down for 2010 as Greater Philadelphia TC athletes competed in the USATF Mid Atlantic (Glenn Mills)
and the East Region Open Champs (Armory, NYC) with club records set in each.  At the Armory, Kevin Forde broke Chuck Shields 3 year
old record  (9:25.4) by running a 9:13.66 in the 3,000 meters.   Other runners who competed in NY were Wendi Glassman (400/ 1:18.41
and 2:53.46/800)) and Joe Cerniglia (3000/ 10:35.33).    In the Mid Atlantic USATF champs, another club record was set as Mark Onwuji ran
7.49 in the 55 meters.  Other GPTC athletes were  Alison Suckling (1:13.05), Dave Brown (56:03), and Mark Onwuji (1:04.68) in the 400
meters.  In the 800 meters, GPTC was represented by Allison Suckling (2:48.48), Bill King (2:49.70) and Delvin Dinkins (2:10.20).  Mark
Onwuji ran the 200 meter in 25.99 and Neill Clark (9:55.99), Terry Permar (10:28.70), and Alison Suckling (12:27.00) competed in the 3,000

Berra Wins 2nd Gold at World Indoor Track Champs                                                                                                                                              3/8/10
Nick Berra of Greater Philadelphia won his second Master Indoor World Championship as he won the M40 1500 meters in a time of
4:12.23. Berra had one his first gold earlier in the week at Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada.  Berra won the race by over 3 seconds
over the nearest challenger Elarbi Khattabi of Morocco.   Joan McMullan of GPTC also competed for a second time as she placed 4th in
W60 400 meters in a time of 1:22.87.  Berra is the only Greater Phila TC athlete to ever win gold at a World Championship.
1500 meter M40     
1) Nick Berra (GPTC/USA) 4:12.23         2) Elarbi Khattabi (Mor)  4:15:41       3)Adrian Haines (GB) 4:17.58
400 meter W60    1) Phil Raschker (GB) 75.60   2) Rhona Trott (Can) 78.60    3) Brenda Matthews (USA) 1:22:35   
4)Joan McMullan (GPTC/USA)  1:22:87

Nick Berra Wins World Master 800 Meter Title                                                                                                                                                          3/6/10
Nick Berra of Greater Philadelphia TC added another great performance to his already long list of fantastic performances by winning the
40M 800 Meters at the World Master Indoor Track & Field Championships.  The Championship is taking place in Kamloops, British
Columbia, Canada all week.  Berra, was the only running in the race to run sub 2:00 for the 800 (1:59.41) and became the first Greater
Philadelphia TC runner to win the World title. Berra will be competing again on Saturday in the 1500 meters.  Also at the World
Championship is new GPTC member, Joanie McMullan, who took home a silver medal by running a 3:17.91 in the W60 800 meters.
Joanie will also be competing again on Saturday in the 400 meters.
M40 800 Meters      
1st) Nick Berra (USA) 1:59.41        2nd) Robert Cepek (Czech Rebublic)  2:03.53      3rd)  Adrian Haines (GB) 2:03.99
W60 800 Meters     1st) Judy Warick (Canada) 3:11.89   
2nd) Joanie McMullan (USA)  3:17.91   3rd) Mary Rosado (USA) 3:22.59

Greater Philadelphia TC Leads USATF Off Road Series After Race #1                                                                                                              3/3/10
The Uggly Mudder Trail Run (Reading, Pa) kicked off the USATF Off Road Series for 2010. The race course is one of the more challenging
of the trail series races and this year, over 600 runners had to trudge up and down hills through 2 feet of snow.  GPTC is committed to
winning the 2010 Series and had it's biggest team ever with 11 team trail runners making the trip to Reading to run the 6.7 mile (shortened
from 7.2 for safety) course.  The top GPTC runner was Jeff Hayes, 51, who was the top master and 5th overall in the race, with a time of
1:13.48. Julie Deery,44, was the other outstanding GPTC runner by not only being the top master, but was the overall winner of the female
division with a time of 1:15:52.  Congrats to all the GPTC athletes who braved the snow trails; Scott Brockett (1:15:14/24th), Jay Miers
(1:15:23) , Paul Hines (1:16:40), Nick Simonetti (1:16:41),Jim Barger (1:16:44), Sarah Simonetti (1:19:05), Joanne Klempner (1:19:15),Joan
Hunter (1:24:33), Marita McCormick (1:26:18), and Alyson Freeman (1:32:59).    
Click Uggly Mudder  for Overall Results.  GPTC has taken
the lead in the overall team scoring (
click Standings) over 5 other USATF clubs. The next race in the Series is March 27 at the Tyler
Arboretum ,Media,Pa.......
.Recent Track Results:  At the NYRRC "Thursday Night Races"  recenty, Kevin Forde (4:16) and Sean Harbison
(4:53) competed in the 1500 meters inside the Armory, NYC.......Cheryl Bellaire competed in the Women Master 1500 Exhibition Race at the
USATF National Indoor Champs (New Mexico) and ran a 5:39.32 for 6th place........Ray Parker and Cheryl Bellaire are nominated for  the
USATF National Age Group awards Click on
USATF National Nominations for info.  Nominations are open until March 15.  Nick Berra and
Joanie McMullan will be competing this week in the World Indoor Master Track Championships.
Click USATF Off Road Series for overall  Off Road schedule for 2010.Jeff Hayes and Julie Deery each scored 5 points and lead their age
Group award category in the Off Road Series.  

Greater Philly Track Athletes Compete Locally  on Indoor Track Circuit                                                                                                          2/23/10
GPTC athletes have been busy competing on the indoor track circuit.  Performances have come from Philly Master Meets, NJ-USATF and
other meets.  John Patterson has been multi tasking by recording time in the 400 (61.6, 63.32) and 800 (2:33.4) while also recording 10'6"
in the pole vault.  Other performances  were run by GPTC athletes in the 3,000 (Terry Permar/ 10:30.1/ Bill KIng/12:56.6), 800 (Delvin
Dinkins/ 2:09.8, Bill King/2:46), Mile (Bill King/6:07.3).  Wendi Glassman recently ran two 800 meters in one meet . She ran a 2:52.87 in the
open and then came back and recorded a 2:57.15 in the Master Div of the NJ USATF meet.   Club Members will be competing this weekend
at the National USATF Meet and upcoming World Master Champs.

GPTC Latest News from the Road and Track                                                                                                                                                             2/20/10
Over the past few weeks, Greater Philadelphia TC athletes have been competing in some local indoor track, road and trail races.  At the
Keogh Meet (Haverford/2-19) Cheryl Bellaire (2:35.63) and Delvin Dinkins (2:10.57) competed in the 800 meters.  Bellaire also competed in
the Haverford Invite (2/7) in the mile (5:51.49) and 800 (2:36.53).  Chaz Thomas also competed in the Keogh Meet and set a open record in
the Long Jump (23' 8.25").  At the Armory Meet in NYC, Nick Berra (1:58.7) and Bob McGinty (2:02.5) competed in the 800 meter.
A few runners braved the snow and competed in the Feel the Luv 5k . GPTC athletes who competed in the 5k road race were Neill Clark
(17:14), Mary Braverman (20:06), Michael McGrath (20:16), Russ Carstens (20:44), and Cheryl Bellaire (21:05)......Andy Shearer won the
45-49 age group in the Frostbite 5 Miler (2/20) with a time of 30:02.......On the trails, Julie Deery recently was the Female Masters Champ at
the Chilly Cheeks 7.2 race with a time of 1:06.41.  The USATF Off Road Grand Prix will be starting up this weekend with the Uggly Mudder
Trail Run. Captain Paul Hines reports he will be pushing  to bring the team championship back to the Club in 2010!!!

Glen Mills Indoor Results                                                                                                                                                                                               2/7/10
On January 31, Glenn Mills was the next stop for GPTC track athletes.  Results from the meet are 55 Meter (Mark Onwujl- 8.2 / New CR),
200 Meters (Mark Onwujl-26.0, John Patterson- 30.08) , 400 meter (John Patterson-1:02, Bill King-1:13.4),  800 meters (Delvin Dinkins-
2:10.4,  Bob Rimkis- 2:22.8, John Patterson- 2:26.9, Chris Carroll),  Mile (Bob Rimkis- 5:05.5, Bill King-6:06.5),   3,000 meter (Chris Carroll-
11:43.5), Pole Vault (John Patterson- 11' 0")

Greater Philadelphia Master Men 4 x 400 Wins at Millrose Games!                                                                                                                 1/30/10
The GPTC acheived a 1st for the club over the weekend, a 1st Place finish at the 103rd running of the world famous Millrose Games. The
Master team of Scott Landis (57.2), Bob McGinty (57.3), Ray Parker (56.2), and Nick Berra (54.1) won the master 4 x 400 relay in a 5 team
field. The winning time was 3:44.79. The GPTC B team of Nick Damalas (58.6), Daryl Johnson (59.5), Dave Brown (56.9), and Kevin Forde
(58) also ran well coming in 3rd place. (3:53.06).   The women 4 x 400 team of Alison Suckling (73.9), Joan Affleck (76.9), Wendi Glassman
(79.2), and Cheryl Bellaire (69.4) came in 4th place while  establishing a American Over 50 year old club record with a total time of

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